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Welcome Moms (to be)!

We are very proud of our community we have already built in the past 4 years and are extremely excited to share our new and improved website.

The Mompany is there for all moms (to be) to give them a safe space where we can truly connect with one another. A community where you can learn,shop, interact and trust that we will always be honest and transparent. Learn from the best midwives, Doula’s and maternity experts.

There is nothing we love more than being parents. We think nurturing our children is the most important, rewarding and sometimes challenging job in the world. That is why we want to support you on your parenting journey.

We pay close attention to what you want, and make it our mission to find high-quality products created with passion. We promise you beautiful apparel for your mini-me, qualitative toys, everything you need for your baby room, fun decor, and gifts for mommies but- most important real content & stories. Stories that will uplift and let you know you are not alone. Experiences from moms all over the world and the struggles and maybe even embarrassing moments we all encounter.

New Motherhood

New Motherhood is a term that we adhere to at The Mompany, because we put connection first. Connection with yourself, with your children and also the world around you. Connection with inner and outer nature. How do we realise this? By creating more awareness and by sharing open and honest stories, so that you literally feel connected with other moms. Because you know, dear mom, you are perfect the way you are and we think that a platform with honest products and loving stories is one of the ways to confirm that feeling.


The goal of The Mompany is to create a community (or mommunity ;-)). An online place where mothers feel heard, seen and empowered. For example, we once launched the well-known La Mamma t-shirt and The Motherhoodie. Because if you can wear one title with pride, it's Mother. In addition to being a mother, you are also just human. And it is precisely that human aspect that we want to emphasize, without judgment, with a whole bunch of love.

Hi, nice to meet you

We are Stephanie and Florine. Ever since we became parents we have experienced a need for an online place where honest products and information come together. We are more connected than ever online, but also more individualistic than ever. That's why we want to go back to re-connect.

Meet the team:

Stephanie van de Vijver
Happy single mom of daughter, Pip (2 years).
Stephanie has worked in retail for a long time and has had her own store with leading brands in Amsterdam. With all her experience of running her own store and sourcing unique brands she is more than ready for this new chapter!

Florine Duif
Mom of 3 (Isabel, Lexie and Bodhi) and started The Mompany in 2017. She is author of the, well read, books ‘Moeder Genoeg’ and ‘Moeder Genoeg’ Journal. Florine is responsible for the content and hopes to connect mothers with each other.

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