Isn't it strange that you actually have more choice for girls than cool brands for boys in terms of clothing. Or well, or so it seems. For the rebranding of The Mompany, we also had to look carefully at what was feasible and fun. We succeeded, with the Aimama brand that you can find in our webshop. Of course, more brands will follow.

In addition, there are two other brands that we would like to share with you that are not very well known. Look, of course you have Bobo Choses and Repose Amsterdam, which we adore here in the office when another collection comes out. But there are also other, less well-known brands that we would like to share, in the context of sharing is caring.

1: The Coolest brand: AIMAMA

AIMAMA is a very awesome brand from California, inspired by children's drawings. This makes the items playful, but also just very cool. They work in small editions, which is also very nice and durable. Plus the designs are simple and you can wash all items easily. Not unimportant if you ask us. Take a quick peek in our webshop.


2: Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage is a brand from, yes, Formentera and also a vintage brand with an awesome boys collection. The items are made from fabrics sourced from markets in Ibiza.


3: Maxi Mini Kidswear


Sophie Vlaming was looking for good, stylish jeans for her mini. She couldn't find it and then she came up with something herself. All's well that ends well. What did she come up with? She just made jeans out of her own denim pants. A maxi pants for her mini. And hell yes, that we are fans. Because a good pair of jeans with a cool sweater for the little guests is just adorable. You will find all products on the Maxi-Mini Kidswear website.